Something to think about – guest post by Heather Davis

I’m so very proud and happy to welcome to the Song of Virginity blog the first female guest blogger; Heather Davis from Running the race. Personally I couldn’t resist her “about” words, so I’ll let those speak for themselves:

Disciple of Christ, adorer of God, often wayward or distracted student of the Holy Spirit, dedicated wife, homeschool mom of three, and sometime freelance writer and photographer, inquisitive nature lover, hiker, dog owner, and word nerd all bundled into about 5″1′ of physical space


dc-Cover-m14v01gc2qsoajolanbjej8ol4-20160211155224.Medi.jpegMy wedding was one of the most thrilling days of my life, but it was nothing compared to the wedding night. All through the ceremony, my new husband and I had eyes only for each other as we looked forward to the night ahead. Both of us were intoxicated with the anticipation of coming together as man and wife and exploring the as-yet unknown territory of physical love. That night, we would consummate our commitment to one another, and for the rest of our lives we would have one another’s bodies to explore and enjoy without shame or fear of disease. Cuba Photos 008.jpg
On our wedding night, I gave my husband a gift that was precious and priceless because it could be only given once; I gave him my virginity. All the months of self-control, of delayed gratification and increasing sexual attraction were finally unleashed in a physical expression of our love. We were now united in a concrete way, giving us a beautiful glimpse of what God meant when He said a man and his wife shall become one flesh.

At least, that’s how I wish my story went.







Instead, I did not treasure virginity as a young woman, and so at the age of 19 I gave it away for a poorly sung song. Pathetically, that ‘song’ was nothing more thrilling than insincere flattery from an older, somewhat disturbed man – and not even a particularly attractive one.

I wish I could say I gave it up for love.
I even wish I could say it was for lust, but the truth is nothing so noble as either of these. I discarded my virginity away out of shame.

In my teens, I struggled with body image issues. Despite a 24-inch waistline and other evidence to the contrary, I was convinced that I was fat, unattractive, and entirely undesirable. Somehow, in some twisted way, I thought having sex would bolster my confidence, perhaps make me feel more sophisticated or some such thing.
However, because I naively believed the hook-up culture lie that sex was an act as casual and easily forgotten as a handshake, I was wholly unprepared for the emotional onslaught that followed.
And you could say that emotional onslaughts were not exactly my forte at the time. 21647039.jpg

Worst of all, once the deed was done, instead of feeling the security of being wanted and loved that I craved, I only felt more shame. This cycle continued for years: shame fueling poor choices which increased my shame… and so on, and so on. Sometimes there were brief interludes of fun, but mostly it was horrid. The aftermath was always horrid.

Fortunately for me, there is a God who saw me, who saw past my terrible choices to my broken heart. He knew the reason for my recklessness, knew the poor self-image I carried and the weight of guilt that dragged me further into the muck with each step.

In His compassion, He allowed me to reap the consequences of my careless sexual behavior – consequences that culminated in pregnancy. That got my attention.
Now that I was finally listening, He revealed the Savior who carried my shame to the cross and there paid the price of my sin with His own life, lending me His garment of righteousness to cover my shame.
gods-hands.jpgBlessed be His name, He forgave me and set me free from the destructive cycle of guilt. And what’s more, by His grace, the father of the child did not flee (as so many do) but became my husband and has loved and supported our family ever since.

However, although now forgiven and free, I still have deep regret that I was unable to come to my marriage bed in purity. For my husband and me, our wedding night was just a night like so many others; there was nothing sacred or special or even particularly noteworthy about it. Something that could have been beautiful and memorable was merely commonplace.

Wishing it were not so changes nothing, but perhaps telling you my story will.de699bb7c71821400dad451ca49ad012.jpg

Perhaps this tale will give you something to think about, particularly in those moments where temptation or even shame erode your resolve. Hang in there!
And if you have already caved in and hanging in there is not an option, there’s still hope in Christ. He makes all things new, even our soiled and broken hearts.



The Ghost Pepper effect – guest post by Dan

I’m honored to have Dan writing a guest post here on Song of Virginity. Dan is a pastor, author and a speaker. An easy going guy which you can tell if you go visit his blog Learning to be Full of Grace and Truth – He is also a dad and a husband!


bowl_of_ice_cream-2232.jpgMy oldest daughter Maggie likes this YouTube show called Good Mythical Morning. The show stars two friends, Rhett and Link, who does crazy fun things. One of the stunts they pulled was taking what is called “the ghost pepper challenge.” The video showed both of them eating and swallowing a ghost pepper, and then seeing who could go the longest before reaching for some milk or ice cream for relief.

unnamed.pngThis bit of bravery buried itself like an evil seed in Maggie’s psyche, and grew into a desire to do her own YouTube video of a ghost pepper challenge. She talked her youngest sister Rachel and her friend Liam into doing it with her. So great was her desire to go through with this, that she spent her own money on 3 ghost peppers, 3 half gallons of milk, and a gallon of ice cream and some sherbet. Perhaps the best thing was her desire to try and stand out by wearing a blue full-body suit while she did it. She made me film the event:

Maggie’s ghost pepper challenge

To Maggie’s credit, she was the only one of the three who actually ate and swallowed the pepper. And she kept it down!

But it was not long before Maggie realized that what looked so fun and entertaining on TV was much more difficult in real life. It was about thirty minutes of burping, burning, crying, jumping, sweating, and exclamations of “fire!” amidst eating frantic handfuls of ice cream. When it was all over, she had a new respect for Rhett and Link, and vowed never to do it again.

What does this have to do with sex and virginity? Nothing But it makes the great point;

What we see on TV and in the movies is not the whole story.
Hollywood makes casual sex look enticing, desirable, and (most importantly) doable without any real unforeseen consequences or relational fallout.
4-6942.jpgBut, just as Maggie found out that actually taking the ghost pepper challenge cost her a lot more pain than she had expected, casual sex outside of marriage brings its own brand of “ghost pepper effects” that are left out of the theatrical presentations of it.
And just as Maggie was still feeling it this morning, the effect of sleeping with someone don’t just fade away — it lingers.
In fact, it can haunt you like a ghost; even if it is with the person you end up marrying. I know, I am speaking from my own experience.

The “ghost pepper effects” of extramarital sex are not because sex is bad, but because God designed it to take place in the marriage relationship.

If there is anything I have been learning about sex, it is that sex is not a good thing; It is a great thing!
After all, it was God’s idea, and He doesn’t do lame ideas! I can tell you from experience (and I have 25 years of experience with my wife) that it is freakishly awesome!

… If you are tasting those hot “ghost pepper effects” and feeling guilt or shame from going there, all that heat can be wiped out by God’s grace.
jesus-and-sinner.jpgThere is no mistake, sin, or choice that can stand up to the omnipotent force of Jesus’ grace. If you are a Christian, confess your sin to Jesus, He forgave you long ago for it. Let that grace wash into your heart and cool and soothe your soul.
If you are not a Christian, go to Jesus and ask for His help. You will find that He is ready and willing to do so. He will always answer “Yes” to that prayer.

What if…

What if Mr. Tough Guy and I had more between us than skin. Maybe if Jesus had been a part of our lives. What if…

This post addresses the most intense love affair of my life. This part is very difficult for me to share and maybe I’ll even take a shot of whisky & cola!
Because somewhere in my heart, I still love him. 

37667cb6b315bab9b446074a85d7c9a2.jpgHe was 38. I was 20. I know – “ew – old man, young girl”… The only evidence of his age though was probably his grey hair, but…

He was simply oh! so! s-e-x-y!!

I’m not kidding. His biceps were – ahem – big. He was a paver by profession, lifting heavy stones and paving the most beautiful patterns pavements can have – especially in “royal countries” if that might spark your imagination…  His hands were rough and skin was suntanned, the tattoos were intriguing and his look was that of a biker. I name him Mr. Tough Guy for good reason.


After I had finally squirmed away from Mr. Temper, all I really wanted was to feel safe. Safe in the arms of someone who would not force himself on me or throw a temper tantrum. Mr. Tough Guy was safe, respectful and kind at heart.

When he was 18 he married this girl who had a very young baby boy (with a guy who packed it all up and left). He adopted the child and considered it his own flesh and blood. After some years they had two more sons followed by a divorce. So in essence I was the girlfriend to a weekend dad and younger than his oldest son. A little weird.

tumblr_nn8jtirTli1qjj2qyo2_400.gifI remember our first kiss. Very very romantic… definitely fit for a romantic movie. I also remember being carried from the kiss to the bed and… I definitely remember the intensity of… well, you get the picture! I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything so intense before or after. It was like a movie screen play!

Our bodies were evidence of the immense physical attraction between us. 

This continued for 2 years time and then he began to get more and more serious and even had thoughts of having a baby together. Wstork-flying.pnghen I was in my 20’s the word “baby” could send me into an anxiety attack in itself. I – did – not – want – kids!
Adding to that (after Mr. Temper and having to live with my parents for a while) I wasn’t crazy happy telling my parents about the relationship. I’m sure they suspected… but I also knew they wouldn’t approve.

1402589795244.jpegBut what really brought it down ws the fact that I wanted to go back to school and earn my degree in marketing. It required evening school and I was determined to make it happen. Mr. Tough Guy wasn’t too happy about that. He tried to understand, but once I begun and had homework during weekends, the support drizzled away and eventually I felt like I had to choose between him and a higher education.

It takes more than physical attraction to make a marriage work!

It hurt! The amount of tears I cried when I realized I had to break it up could fill an ocean. The amount of tears he cried when I ended it… It still hurts.Unhappy-couple-with-coffee-cup-sitting-at-table-in-kitchen.jpg


Somewhere hidden deep within my heart I still love Mr. Tough Guy. But after our breakup we didn’t see each other anymore and it’s been some 20 years now.


Perhaps it could have worked out… 

– Maybe if we had been on the same page and both known Jesus 
– Had we taken time out to actually talk & support each other
– Maybe, if there had been more between us than our naked skin.

Having said that – Even if Mr. Tough Guy and I had known Jesus and built up enough of a relationship to support a marriage… Us being virgins on our wedding night would have been a pure miracle from the Lord. Obviously we both had previous relationship/marriage so “impossible” comes to mind – but literally the physical attraction between us was simply far beyond our human control.

I know I’m supposed to say “with Jesus you can resist!” and I do actually firmly believe that, but neither of us knew Jesus, so we had the chance of a snowball in hell!…832ce60b2fa9b9d07e642cfe94606b99.jpg

Temptation from psychical attraction can be exactly THIS powerful and overwhelming – and if it happens to you and you give in to the romantic screen play, please don’t despair. There IS forgiveness and blessings in the future if Jesus is alive through His Holy Spirit in your heart.

I can’t give you a green nor a red light here! The choice is yours.


Real Men – Guest post by Julian

Julian is a one-of-a-kind man and I’m so pleased to have him guest blog here on Song of Virginity. His blog Julian for Jesus is a genuine, passionate and loving blog – I bet you would want to go check it out, once you’ve read his post here:


Before I say anything I would like to make it very clear that sex in and of itself is not a sin, it is a creation of God used to join two individuals together, express love and affection and to reproduce. Sex becomes a sin if it is before marriage, and/or with people other than your spouse and/or with someone of the same gender.


Growing up my generation viewed virginity as a weight that needed to be lifted off of our shoulders. Personally I hated this perspective, not because I was a goodie two shoes or had a righteous view on sex at the time, but because I was absolutely TERRIFIED of being intimate with someone. So much so that when I had the opportunity to lose my proverbial V card at 13 I prayed that it wouldn’t work

Lord I pray that somehow you can get me out of having sex today! Thank you! Amen!





Thankfully God answered that prayer!!! 


But of course this wouldn’t be the only pressuring situation that I would find myself in. My family was quite fond of the idea of a male losing his virginity early. It was a common view that the longer you went without losing your “innocence” the more of a “loser” you were. When some family members of mine got wind of the fact that “IT” didn’t go down when it was supposed to, I was given an ultimatum; either lose my virginity by 16 or they would bring me to a brothel and pay for me to have my first sexual experience.

are you serious.gif
Me: are you serious?

The pressure as a young teen to lose your virginity was so heavy that in order to relieve himself of the “shame”, a friend of mine with great lament gave his virginity to a girl in our neighborhood that was known to sleep around with several different men.
To my surprise he wasn’t scrutinized a bit for it, in fact it seemed as though people deemed it to be better to lose your virginity to someone who “got around” than to still be a virgin. The tables were actually turned on me and I was asked why I still haven’t done it yet. We were about sixteen at the time so to me this was befuddling.


Why encourage someone so young to have sex and before they are ready? Why do high schools, middle schools and even a couple of elementary schools hand out condoms to their students? Why is a sex symbol like Kim Kardashian making appearances at the kids choice awards?


Satan tries his best to attack you in your adolescence so when you become an adult he doesn’t have to work as hard to get you to stumble or fall. He sets you up with preconceived notions about love, sex, marriage and God so that when you grow up and read about the right way of doing things, you find that it is contrary to what society approves of and you become indifferent and are less inclined to abide by the laws that God established. Essentially when we become adults and study our bibles we have to reprogram the mind that Satan molded throughout our childhood.


Why is premarital sex glorified in the media today? Why are men praised for having sexual relations with multiple partners and why are women looking for moral equality in this category?


489_make-her-want-it-more-1037692-TwoByOne.jpgAfter convincing the world that sex is permissible outside the confines of marriage, Satan decided to make it a matter of equal moral rights. Women would like to be praised or at least not ridiculed for having many partners. This just creates a demand for equal dispense of pleasantries in regards to sinning. Two wrongs don’t make a right but it all starts with our behavior as males. We have to stop praising one another for wrongdoings and start encouraging each other to resist temptation.
Sexual tension is one of the hardest things to ignore.
When you feel yourself getting riled up with lust and you quiver beneath your loins, the only thing you seek is to relieve yourself of this sultry sensation that overwhelms your body. This is why it is such a pivotal weapon for Satan to use against us. It is way too difficult to ignore our flesh when it craves satisfaction.

As MEN OF GOD we have to practice self control Thessalonians 4:3-5 says, “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the pagans, who do not know God;”

999999.pngThe world glorifies debauchery but we as Christian men are called to be different because all of what we do represents God and Gods word says,
“But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people” (Ephesians 5:3),
and “be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”(Romans 12:2).


Please understand that sexual immorality is not just a matter of “if I sin God will be upset with me.” Every time temptation knocks on your door a war breaks out in the spiritual realm and whenever you give in to a lust you are giving control to other worldly beings who are dedicated to bringing about your destruction.16c6d133dfa5e372c18352f3e54bb76b.jpg
Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

We are legitimate warriors for Christ and if we are with the world we stand against Jesus and will one day be judged by Him. So it is important that every day we suit up for the Lord and combat the world instead.
Dawn the full armor of God and silence your flesh!
Gain control and be a REAL MAN!!! 
Set an example that women and younger generations can look up to.

Waiting for marriage isn’t just saving yourself for the perfect woman. It is a beautiful example of obedience and reverence for God. It also is a showing of true strength and self control.
Don’t just be a man; Be an illustration of a Godly man.

Go- No- or – No go!

james_dean.jpgLife in the fast lane… ehh…

My love life was pretty casual, but for the most part it never went beyond flirting. Honestly. It was the early 1990’s and I lived my life mainly during the weekends.
I loved the night life: Dancing and loud music, being out all night until 5 or 6 am, dancing on the loudspeakers, flirting my way around like a careless drifter… I never stopped and thought about what I was doing or the dangers involved. I truly lived in the “here and now – ala James Dean” moment. Looking back I seriously wonder how I managed to make it through the weeks in between!

The bar served My favorite drink coke & whisky! Deliciously sweet and sharp and definitely made me care a lot less about – well, just about anything.

passion_love_kiss_lips_8019_1920x1200.jpgOn a few occasions, I would take a flirtatious guy up on “his offer” and end up in a bed not my own. Most guys were kind… but if you choose to venture out there – in the “field of passion” – you need to know the risks.
–  Fixing myself a coke & whisky to share one night which still stands chiseled in my mind:

I had been dancing and drinking since arriving at the nightclub, e.g. at least a couple of hours. Mr. X and I were socializing in the same circles. We kind of knew each other though we hadn’t flirted before that night and I’m wondering if it really was flirting as – well, looking back, Mr. X was by no means a guy with a look I would normally fall for.

We got to his place and I admit that after that, I remember only bits and pieces… I remember his bedroom, the smell of soap, his eyes looking at me with some empty unexplainable look and his hand between my legs. Creepy…
I remember no kissing or foreplay. And then I remember the pain as he tried to penetrate several times and each time with a harder push – and then my mind goes totally blank.


I woke up slightly disoriented. I can’t remember if Mr. X was in bed, but I got up and saw a whole lot of blood stains on the white bedsheets and a line of dried blood down both my thighs and blood on my hips and body. And it was not that time of the month!
I washed myself and got dressed and left.

I was 17 at the time and my actions was 10 kinds of stupid. A futile attempt to fill a void in my heart. A place where love should be thriving, but was utterly empty.

Saying yes the first time, makes it easier to say yes the second time and third time and after that, it becomes “normal”.

a-segment-on-scars-10-638.jpg But the bottom line is as usual; It was my choice.
I could have chosen not to go home with the guy.
It does not justify his actions, but young girls and guys;
God gave us rules to protect us, not to restrain us. 
The Lord taught me a valuable lesson that night – in retrospect of course as back then I had no Almighty Lord to pray to. Humans procreate no more different than animals; Instincts given to us at creation takes over the brain function if the passion is allowed to go on too long and there is no self-control.
If one says “go” but the other says “no” – One person will get hurt and the Living Lord gets hurt through it.

Nobody knows me like God does and even 10 kinds of stupid can be forgiven. My wounds beneath has been healed, but I’m left with the scars and memories of my actions. Mr. X is a face I would have chosen to erase from my memory bank if I could…

Just think twice!

Jesus white as snow olsen-forgiven.jpg

And with this I go before my Lord asking Him to take my message to those He wishes hears it, to guide those who need guidance, to heal those who need healing. Only by sharing the scars you have healed Lord, can I show someone that only you Lord Jesus can fill any void in a heart searching for love. I pray those You choose Lord, will allow you in. Amen.


Respect has no grey zones

greys1.jpg50 shades of grey? No’b – strike that!…

After my crucial “first yes” to loosing my virginity – and “yes” to have the knowledge of my own body’s reaction to intimacy – and the loss of innocence, it took some time before I entered “round 2”.




This time I wanted a relationship and that happened in a really weird way;

I went on a school bus trip to the city of Prague. It was an all night drive to get there, but a week of studying the history of Prague and in case you haven’t been: It’s a gorgeous city! But it was a bus full of teens and for us the real trip was to party in a country where, at that time, everything was incredibly cheap.o-PRAGUE-900.jpg

We had emptied the hotel bar one night (for alcohol, not people) and the morning after, my hotel roommate found a note to me passed under the door.
– Could have come straight out of a British Agatha Christy series… But didn’t.
The note simply read “I love you”.
I found out it was from Mr. Cute. He was cute mainly because he was romantic. He certainly wasn’t very bright, but that’s not the issue.

Did I love the guy back? Hmm… honestly? I think I tried very hard to convince myself that I did. After returning from Prague we met and “hooked up”. Looking back we had extremely little in common…
Was he attractive? I can’t remember if I thought so, but I do remember that we didn’t exactly have great sex, he was definitely on the melancholic side and we had a hard time keeping a conversation going! Red flags all over, but unfortunately naivety blinded my sight.

I frequently stayed at his place overnight (Why oh why did I do that?!?).
One early morning I was awakened by a weird feeling between my legs… The guy had actually penetrated me in my S-L-E-E-P!!!
Good heavens…
Once I realized what he was doing, I got out of bed very quick – and got real angry! Mr. cute suddenly wasn’t all that cute and I wanted to know why he did what he did. Guess what he said:


XKaBkMx.jpgI couldn’t resist!!… Duh… I was sleeping and he couldn’t resist?!!




What could possibly move a guy to do that??
Okay, I’ll tell you: Lust and disrespect!
My anger and his useless excuse brought the relationship down.
… If indeed we ever actually had one.

When I broke up with him, he played the “I’ll kill myself if you leave me” card. This was the first relationship I actually had and him saying something as rough as that actually scared me.
If a partner plays you “the suicide card” – get the h* out of there! and fast.

I was still much too naive to see that love doesn’t happen between the legs. Though granted: it is certainly a nice spot… if you’re with a guy who respects you!

I learned my lesson and though I kept asking “why did he do that and what did  I ever do to him…?” it did me no good. trish3.gif

His respect is shown in his actions. Not his words (and it isn’t in his kiss either!).

How do you know if a guy respects you? If he respects and accepts that you 1) stand on the love of Jesus, that you have 2) chosen to follow Him (the Lord, not the guy!) and 3) keep your virginity… and even better: If the guy has chosen to do the same!


There are no grey zones in respect. Your partner either does or doesn’t respect you. ca10b946bb86071aa9ccbcdcc6696432.jpg



Somewhere around 16

As naive as I was at age 16, tumblr_ktfjxl20iW1qa3yd4o1_500.jpgI was fully aware of my own body and – guys? They were… well… interesting. At 16 I was a little “behind” my friends who had already gone straight for the prize of loosing their virginity. It was popular at the time to “know what you were doing” and yet Madonna was still singing “like a virgin” (despite at the time it being 5 years old). The mind of a teen girl is plenty messed up without adding boys and music into the mix, but that’s the reality of the world. It was 1989.

I honestly do not know what I expected when my virginity were at the brink of gone. Before, during nor after.


But I can say for sure that “food-sex” never crossed my mind!

I had been partying at the harbour festival and met this mr. nice guy. Yes, he was actually a really nice guy… to look at. Spoiled rotten high class guy with irresistible charm.

images.jpegI remember pondering which way to go when he asked me to come over the following week… You gotta remember here, I had no Lord to hold dear at that point. I was accountable only to myself (parents?… I don’t think I ever intended to tell them anything). I made a most curious yet crucial decision that week – I was going to go, experience “the first time” and never see the guy again. That way, I didn’t have to care at all and quite frankly, he was exactly the type of guy for that type of casual relationship.

After talking in the kitchen for a bit he started to tell me about his ex-girlfriend (… today I wonder why I allowed him anywhere near my body! – his ex-girlfriend?? really??) ChocolateSpa1.jpgand how they used to have food sex. Smear each other in all sorts of delicacies and well… you get the idea! –
I said no way… but an hour later I was no longer an innocent virgin.

I have heard gruesome stories of how horrible and painful the first time can be. I have no doubt that it is possible… but for me there was no pain and I felt no loss. My body responded and it was actually really nice and he was a very gentle and kind guy. I walked out of his home and never looked back.

Should I have done what I did? No’b.
Why was it such a crucial decision? Because that was the moment I decided not to care.
But the fact remains that it was my choice;
I lost my virginity that day because I wanted to…

I didn’t know any better and with that I began a journey with the desires of the flesh. c6c596d48199df7c1b4a463867edaa18.jpg

I never saw the guy again, didn’t want to, I didn’t love him and I hadn’t fallen in love with him. I had no emotional attachment at all.
In today’s world I believe it’s known as casual sex.



dontknow-blog.pngSex outside of marriage is a sin against the Lord! But I did not understand that I was accountable… I was 16. Had never gone to church. Had parents who said “if you’re gonna do it, do it safely – make sure he wears a condom”.

Had I heard that sex before marriage is a sin? Of course… “But God did not exist so who cared”… Well, years later I discovered that Jesus did – He cared!

Jesus-Cares-for-you.jpegBut at the time I had no idea how badly I hurt Him. Or how bad my reputation would get as I got on that journey of the flesh. Do I regret things today? well, yes… but I can’t go back in time and change anything. And everything I went through made me who I am today and God is using this – to reach you. I pray He does.

As for the food sex… then that lingered in my mind for a long time. Food-sex-584831.jpg

Warning: Unless you have an open mind, do not read on… but if you can handle it, here goes: If you need a little something to spice up your marital life, then chili, chocolate and honey are recommendable. The whip cream you see in the movies? Melts too fast… and cover your bed-sheets with an old towel!! It’s fun, but it’s not like the movies!



The Why

the-Lord-Jesus-brought.jpgMy Lord Jesus placed a project on my heart.
A project about innocence or more poetically put: Virginity.

I’m not entirely sure why He asked me to begin this journey, but He has His reasons (sorry, but I just love this particular image of Jesus from the movie “Son of God”…)

After doing some research on the subject, mainly to find out where the Lord was taking me with this, I sensed a nudge to begin a new blog and when I read a certain post written by “Beauty beyond bones”, who is a great blogger and one who’s posts I thoroughly enjoy reading, I knew for sure what I had to do.maxresdefault-1.jpg
The blog post she wrote is named V-card and describes the “trouble” of being a virgin today…

So I have branched out and began this blog – a side blog to my main one – Wrestling with faith – Dancing with Jesus


2538838d64693839146e14faa6149cf9.jpgI don’t write to question anyones point of view, but I do hope that my sharing will get young people to think twice before jumping into sex before marriage, fun before honesty, lies before truths.

What makes me an expert on virginity? Absolutely nothing, except I once was one. I’m by no means here to judge you or pull you either way! The decision is yours.

I didn’t know Jesus when I was “young, beautiful and thirsty”… Ahem…

In fact I didn’t know Him until after I got married. It means that I know the temptations of the flesh in deeper details than I care to express. I know reasons why you should wait and I know the reasons – all the reasons – as to why you possibly can’t.

I have too many scars and only by the mercy of Jesus are the wounds underneath healed and forgotten. But the scars, the memories do not disappear.

Once your innocence and virginity is gone, it’s gone. God does not restore the physical virginity or the response of your body from known to unknown. But He restores your heart! 


With Love in Jesus