The Song of Virginity blog is all about the Lord’s Word concerning male & female, intimacy, sex/premarital sex, love, joy in waiting, impatience, passion, lust etc…

By sharing our past it may be possible to let young people of today know, that there are risks involved if a choice of following the flesh pre-marriage is made. By sharing how the Lord designed us we may show why the choice of abstinence is the better one.

If you would like to contribute as a guest blogger, I would love to have you onboard!
The rules are simple:
We do not pretend that we can make the choice on behalf of others.
We do not point or raise a finger at anyone who is about to or has already made a choice;
Absolutely NO judgment!
Keep the post on about 500 – 700 words and I do reserve the right to edit the post for the stated rules and ask you to proof read it. I’ll add any pictures suitable to the subject if you wish.

If you feel led to write about the above – the struggle and/or joy you have known – then drop me a line! I look forward to hearing from you.