Hi – my name is Lene and I’m so glad you’re here!

IMG_3963 (1).jpgAfter blogging for a couple of years on Wrestling with faith – Dancing with Jesus, which is still my main blog!, The Lord Jesus placed a project on my heart. A project about innocence or more poetically put: Virginity.

After reading blogs, comments and doing some research on the subject, mainly to find out where the Lord was taking me with this, I sensed a strong nudge to begin a new blog.

There are plenty of blogs out there, preachers and pastors, parents and friends who will use lifted fingers to keep you a virgin until your wedding night. There are just as many who will pull you the other way.

I’m by no means here to judge you or pull you either way! – and if I do it unwittingly, please leave a comment so I can apologize! The fact is, that it’s a decision you have to make on your own, even apart from your future spouse.

If you want to do what pleases God, then you shall abstain and save yourself for your future spouse. That’s biblical and beautiful and possibly the greatest honor you can show and gift you can give. But it’s perhaps too late for you already? Don’t despair, doing the right thing in God’s eyes is never too late. He can and will forgive you! You can still choose to abstain… or not.

As for me? I didn’t know Jesus when I was young, beautiful and thirsty… Ahem…
In fact I didn’t know Him until after I got married. It means that I know the temptations. Their strengths and pulls in you. I also know the scars and the hurt. I know reasons why you should wait and I know the reasons – all the reasons – as to why you possibly can’t.

P1000122.jpgI have too many scars and only by the mercy of Jesus are the wounds underneath healed and forgotten. But the scars, the memories do not disappear. This is why I’m here to share with anyone who wants to read it; Once it’s gone, your innocence and virginity, then it’s gone. God does not restore the physical virginity or the response of your body once you have known it. But He restores your heart! 

The picture here is me. Hard to believe… eh?! It was taken at the peak of my youth, young youth, during a time when nothing and nobody could hold me home on a Friday and Saturday night. When I would leave in the evening and not return until dawn the next morning. I have tried a whole lot of “why not’s”; Woken up in a stranger’s bed, slipped away before he woke up, spending the night drunk on alcohol, dancing my way through the night on a loud speaker and clubbing in all the wrong techno-dance clubs.

I have never been a whore, nor starred in a porn movie or done drugs. But apart from that… I hope you know that I have probably done the same as you or what you want to do. I was wild… crazy at times… I never stopped to think about the consequences, though I always carried condoms with me – mainly because of the nasty illness called AIDS which at that time was killing people like cancer does today. Perhaps now you see why this blog is by no means intended to judge or harm anyone! I know the temptations of the world. I have lived them.

Today I’m past my prime. No longer the hottie I once was and it’s by God’s grace alone that I have a husband of such peace and kindness beyond my wildest dreams and the Lord has given me a love for Him I never imagined. Though I wish today that I could have given him that one special gift reserved for a true love, whatever I went through back then has made me who I am. My Lord Jesus brings good out of bad and works everything together for the good of those who love Him. And I do love Him!

Welcome to “Song of Virginity”. I hope you’ll stick around ❤

In Christ Jesus