Finally Free, or..?

With a pair of parents who couldn’t understand why I discarded “a stable marriage with kids” for what they called “loneliness”, it was no easy task to lick my wounds. But now that I was out of my not-so-picture-perfect verbally abusive relationship, I chose my days carefully and opted not to visit my parents, if I could find a way not to. chained.jpg

One day at work, a sales-guy from London called, wanting to be put through to the big boss. That particular big boss refused to speak to salespeople and I was his bulldog. The guy was persistent but so was I and from that sprung a longer conversation… which continued into lunch break and private phone number exchange.

He called, I called… we talked for hours… and London-Copenhagen flights are 2 hours and cheap – well, ended up being cheaper than the phone bill! Before we knew it, he was flying in from London to meet me.

Good heavens, what was I doing…
I was having fun… that’s what!

couple-mountian-motorcycle-riders-for-love.jpgWe spent a nice weekend together and though I perhaps knew it wouldn’t last, I decided to breath in the moment. He rode a motorcycle and I have always had a hard time resisting that… Oh my!! Riding on that big thing, going fast through the english countryside – Now that was enthralling to me!

So for the sake of keeping up with my story-post-line, I’ll name him Mr. Bike! For a few months we flew back and forth every other weekend, but gradually the interest dropped…

After staying at his flat and seeing the bachelor side of him… ahem… I also learned that he wanted not just a wife, but a “mom” and when I realized his head was full of “how to become a millionaire in a heartbeat” ideas, I got very cold feet – in a sense.
One of those ideas included moving to Copenhagen, live with me and do online commodity trade… I immediately had flashbacks and pulled out… He did the exact same thing as Mr. Pride – came up with barrels of good points as to why it was a good idea. I disagreed!
Our final weekend together was rather awkward and it all came to an end in the tube of London. As the train rolled out towards Heathrow airport I breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s perhaps a nice story in a sense, but it could have been a horrible nightmare. Back then not many people thought of human trafficking, sex trade or the likes, but it existed! Between the photo he had sent me and the day we met, a couple of kilos measured in 10’s had grown on him. He was nice looking though, but let’s just say I anticipated something different. I’m not hung up on looks, but my point is: 7-Dangers-of-the-Internet-for-Kids.jpg

Meeting perfect strangers is to meet a perfect stranger! Even after hours on a phone or email, words can deceive and pictures can lie – it all boils down to: Humans can lie! 
In today’s world, doing what I did back then – could be incredibly dangerous. I had no lifelines: people who knew where I was, expecting a check up call from me and knew who I was with.

How did I become so reckless?
A huge gaping hole in my heart and a bleeding wound from an ex-boyfriend and unsupportive parents. That’s how.
Was it their fault?
No. I own my own mistakes.

Looking back on this short, rather intense affair of the heart, I realize that it served but one purpose:
So I could lick my wounds and recover after Mr. Pride.
But I didn’t recover. Not really.
I was simply trying to fill a wound with what looked soft and romantic but underneath was not much more than another sharp knife.

If only I had looked to the real place of love.
Where love is unconditional and freely flowing.
Where love never runs out and where a wound can truly be healed and filled up.

With Jesus there is healing of wounds. blogger-image--298974431.jpg


Internet safety is vital. This is a link to Dangers of internet for kids if you are interested in reading more.

37 thoughts on “Finally Free, or..?

  1. Very interesting post and experience. I went off and lived in Turkey (I’m from US) with a man I met through the Internet. On balance, all was fine, but it could have been a bad experience indeed.

    I too turn to Jesus these days for healing, and for everything. I am so grateful to him…

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    1. Praise the Lord for He is indeed healing you.
      Well… I actually went ahead and did it again (unbelievable, right!?!) – only this time I headed for Japan, where I still am, married to the guy and quite happy ❤
      Blessings to you this season. Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts. If you read previous posts (not the guest posts) you’ll find my journey has been full of lessons learned the hard way and I’m not yet done telling the story… However, I’m sharing it to bring these things into the light and pray that young people of today may learn something too. I found my soul mate in Jesus – and a very kind and loving husband… in Japan. Many Blessings to you and thanks for stopping by.

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  2. :)

    Hi! I’m just tucking my comment in here re: your ABOUT page – LOVE IT! You’re intro has a lovely draw to it – would be nice to have the ability to comment on that page, tho! 🙂

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  3. On Sat, Dec 10, 2016 at 3:19 PM Song of Virginity wrote:

    > > Dear Lene,

    > Oh, how God watches out for us in the mistakes we make. But you learn from > them. Thank you for sharing and I hope young people get the message.

    > Thank you,

    > Gary > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > LeneInJapan posted: “With a pair of parents who couldn’t understand why I > discarded “a stable marriage with kids” for what they called “loneliness”, > it was no easy task to lick my wounds. But now that I was out of my > not-so-picture-perfect verbally abusive relationship, I cho” > > > > > > > > > >

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I do appreciate you stopping by here and thanks for sticking around 😉
      If you feel like sharing something that would fit Song of Virginity, please drop me a line (see the menu bar). Blessings to you.

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  4. Jared

    “With Jesus there is healing of wounds” – THANK YOU! The hands of the King are the hands of a healer. Wise words, about internet safety, wisdom as well as our Lord. Thanks for sharing some great thoughts, thanks for walking the faith road publicly for others to walk alongside you – and thanks as well for stopping by Rogue Millennials blog to check it out 🙂

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  6. Lene, How incredibly brave of you to share such personal and painful memories to allow a testimony to be told, and a soul who is walking through those waters now to be guided to a love that is safe, pure, and true.I am so glad God openly claimed you for His own. What an emboldening power His love can be! May you and Jesus continue to share such tenderness and strength. ❤


    1. And that is the whole point of this blog 🙏🏼
      I’m glad it comes through so obviously.
      I’ll say this though, as far as sharing the more painful and personal memories, some of my previous posts are more intense.
      But Jesus… He is mine now. I’m hoping through this blog and this sharing others may know Him too – or feel the urge to want to.

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