Harmless fun? – Guest post by Daniel

It’s a privilege to introduce to you Song of Virginity’s next guest blogger, Daniel. Throughout the process of this guest post I have come to know Daniel a bit and his open and honest attempt to share his own shortcomings as well as his desire to protect the innocent, quite frankly overwhelms me. Daniel struggles with sexual sin and this is his urge to parents and young girls out there, to be careful when using the internet. You can support Daniel by prayers and encouragement on his blog Minus the Cynic.


When I was a young kid my parents freaked out when they saw I was looking at pictures of scantily clad supermodels on the internet.
They installed technology to only show sites with certain content, but got rid of it when I was unable to access an innocent site, because of the software’s programmed response to block sites based on key words.
giphy.gifYou would have thought my parents shock, horror and disappointment would have prevented me from finding my way back to those supermodels, or the thought of grieving my God – But it wasn’t
When I was 12 the doctor noticed my penis was red and sore and asked if I had been involved in any sexual activity. I loudly and vehemently said no!
That was before I knew that masturbation qualifies as sexual activity…
I can’t explain what caused me to gravitate towards that kind of filth in the first place.
It used to be more of an effort to sin on the internet because I had to sneak downstairs to do it. Today, it’s easy. Too easy.
A daily view on the streets of Tokyo

At first I was apalled and disgusted by infantilization.

Having a fully grown woman appear to be a little girl in the way she dressed, never appealed to me. But, seeing those images was an influence… I sunk low enough to see a little girl as a source of sexual excitement.
My downfall was gradual.
It happened over several re-negotiations inside my mind… What was I prepared to accept in my behavior?
It took a concerned mother threatening me with personal harm and police intervention to cause me to wake up to myself and see how I need Jesus in every moment! 
I praise the Lord for that mom!
Obviously it’s dangerous for little girls to give their numbers and addresses to anyone online, but what many do not seem to know or acknowledge is how showing a video of yourself swimming or in the bathtub might cause a guy to commit a sin against God and the law of his land. 
Before a parent allows their child to use the internet without their supervision, I would suggest they familiarize themselves with blocking technology, in order to avoid (prolonged) exposure to unwanted advances from an unsuitable contact for their age group.
I think the responsibility falls on parents to make sure their child is visiting age appropriate sites, especially as they run the risk of not only exposing themselves to danger but also their entire family and circle of friends.
Some parents falsely assume their children will only add people they know as friends in their social network and not perfect strangers.7b45eadd6516efc2671eef6ac3212764.jpg.gif
This is the key to avoid causing harm to yourself. 
If you are friends with someone outside the internet, generally you know you can trust them. But when you are not looking at the face of the person you are communicating with and you may not know them personally, it prevents you from doing that usual “double take” in your spirit and it stops your conscience from kicking in immediately, as the virtual nature of your interaction makes it appear to be one step removed from reality, as you use the same screen for playing games as you do for displaying your physical attributes.
Perhaps it is advisable for girls under eighteen to concentrate on posting pictures of anything other than themselves – as there are guys who go specifically looking for young girls in this age group to satisfy their perpetually unfulfilled sexual desires.
Even if a young girl feels flattered by the attention given to her, she may be unwittingly exposing herself to physical harm. Even the most well intentioned gentleman may still have friends and somehow be connected to those in low places.
Please watch out!  hqdefault.jpg

16 thoughts on “Harmless fun? – Guest post by Daniel

  1. Thanks lene I really love the pictures you chose n the postscript message.
    We can’t change our past but God can redeem it n create a better future for us in the present moment
    It’s not easy for us to own our mistakes but it’s helpful to know we are not our mistakes
    They don’t have to be a part of who we are anymore
    God intended for every part of our lives to worship Him not just the skin we slip into or the role we play on Sundays or Saturdays.
    Our bodies are all potential temples of the Holy Spirit
    Thanks for helping me do some much needed spring cleaning on my temple
    You are helping me to embrace a new season of my life
    I love the warm welcoming insightful holy space of your site

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    1. Hi Daniel. Thanks for this comment – it’s very heartwarming to read and if I have helped you in any minor way at all, then that was Jesus working in your life. I’m so glad you could make some “spring cleaning” in His temple. You take good care of His temple now, will you? “Go, and sin no more…” as Jesus told the woman. You are in good hands and you will be okay and your own site will soon be the warm welcoming insightful holy space you claim mine is. Why? Because now you know what it means and what it can do when we love our neighbors as ourselves. Lord Bless you always.

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  3. Reblogged this on minusthecynic and commented:
    This was edited for greater clarity by lene. All images are sourced from her. We do share the same perspective on this issue. We serve a miracle working God. The more time we spend in His presence the easier it is for our nature to be transformed. Romans 12:1

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  4. I enjoyed reading the harmless fun by Daniel. It’s amazing how many men have this problem. I have come across over a dozen in the last 12 months. It’s good to know that God forgives those who have a heart of repentance and I can not point the finger because Jesus has died for them and we are all sinners. I struggled with pornography for years and masturbation and because of a huge mistake I’m in the process of a court hearing. With that in mind I am now free. God has dealt with so many core issues that have been holding me down. It’s only when I was at my lowest point I cried out to God. My saying is let go and let God.


    1. Thank you for this support and encouragement. It’s very important to get the message out there… More people struggle with sexual sin than is cared to be admitted even in closed circles. So it’s encouraging when someone steps forward to admit and also ask that we all take measures to remain safe off and online.
      Thanks for stopping by here and commenting. Lord Bless you and give you strength for your court hearing.

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      1. The stats in and out of church is 1 in 3 men struggle with sexual sin or are in sexual sin. ie affairs, abuse, pornography, masturbation. Their was a survey done in a large church here in Australia and about 90% of the mails were going through something in regards to sexual sin. That includes pastors and leaders. It was done anonymously. Just some thoughts


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