The Why

the-Lord-Jesus-brought.jpgMy Lord Jesus placed a project on my heart.
A project about innocence or more poetically put: Virginity.

I’m not entirely sure why He asked me to begin this journey, but He has His reasons (sorry, but I just love this particular image of Jesus from the movie “Son of God”…)

After doing some research on the subject, mainly to find out where the Lord was taking me with this, I sensed a nudge to begin a new blog and when I read a certain post written by “Beauty beyond bones”, who is a great blogger and one who’s posts I thoroughly enjoy reading, I knew for sure what I had to do.maxresdefault-1.jpg
The blog post she wrote is named V-card and describes the “trouble” of being a virgin today…

So I have branched out and began this blog – a side blog to my main one – Wrestling with faith – Dancing with Jesus


2538838d64693839146e14faa6149cf9.jpgI don’t write to question anyones point of view, but I do hope that my sharing will get young people to think twice before jumping into sex before marriage, fun before honesty, lies before truths.

What makes me an expert on virginity? Absolutely nothing, except I once was one. I’m by no means here to judge you or pull you either way! The decision is yours.

I didn’t know Jesus when I was “young, beautiful and thirsty”… Ahem…

In fact I didn’t know Him until after I got married. It means that I know the temptations of the flesh in deeper details than I care to express. I know reasons why you should wait and I know the reasons – all the reasons – as to why you possibly can’t.

I have too many scars and only by the mercy of Jesus are the wounds underneath healed and forgotten. But the scars, the memories do not disappear.

Once your innocence and virginity is gone, it’s gone. God does not restore the physical virginity or the response of your body from known to unknown. But He restores your heart! 


With Love in Jesus

48 thoughts on “The Why

    1. I was reading your blog and must say that you are an incredible woman! You have an academic approach which I do not have (though may wish for at times). Please continue to spread love and inform anyone about the Japanese sex industry, manga and human trafficking! It’s a very important subject though most people never realize just how huge – and sick – it is here.
      In contrast to you, I have a very loving and kind Japanese husband who doesn’t own any of the magazines you mention… Praise the Lord. May the Lord continue to Bless you and stay in touch ❤

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  1. “I don’t write to question anyones point of view, but I do hope that my sharing will get young people to think twice before jumping into sex before marriage, fun before honesty, lies before truths.” Love this part and Love what your doing. Sharing our testimony is one of the best things we can do to strengthen the community and win souls to Christ. We need as much of this as possible!

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  2. The True Light!

    I respect what you say about judging others. That’s not our job, since we all sin and can be judged by others with our sins. At the same time, I have a greater respect for the word of God. If He says we should wait for sexual activity until marriage, I will encourage that.

    But not in any way will I judge those who have not waited, but now wish to seek the Lord’s forgiveness. I sought it too for I did not wait myself…and I was taught the Lord’s will before hand.

    Seek God’s love and grace for this and all sins, repenting as we go, and He will forgive those who are truly His children! A nice job on this post…


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  3. “It means that I know the temptations of the flesh in deeper details than I care to express. I know reasons why you should wait and I know the reasons – all the reasons – as to why you possibly can’t.”

    I can relate. So many lies tripped me up when I was young, and I sometimes wish I could go back and talk to my young, virginal self about the pain that comes along with the lies of so-called “casual” sex and the hookup culture here in the USA. Like you, the scars and memories remain, and while I know I am forgiven, I still mourn the memories I wish had never been made.

    May God bless the efforts of all of you who seek to shed light on what the enemy hides in darkness and pawns off as harmless fun!

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    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate this.
      I really feel that it’s very important to “break the silence” and blow the doors open to this deceit the enemy is having such an easy time with…
      How about you… would you like to write a guest post for Song of virginity? Rules are easy. You can check them out in the menu about guest posts.

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      1. Hmm… you know, I just might. If I may, let me look over the rules and pray about what to say, and I will touch base with you soon. It will likely be sometime next week — we have a busy weekend starting in about 30 minutes. 😉


      2. Great. No pressure!! Take your time! I would like the blog to be an abundance of bloggers all sharing something they went through or something the Lord lays on their hearts, so the younger generation can relate to the subject of virginity without feeling judged nor alone with their v-card.
        And I mean it when I say take your time and if you don’t feel led, no worries. But I’d love to have you onboard!

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      3. Thank you! I did send something in the comment section (somehow I missed this reply until just now), but the formatting was lost, of course. If you prefer another method of delivery, just let me know! I totally agree with what you are doing and am happy to contribute! 🙂


      4. Thanks! – Curiously I can’t seem to find anything in any comment section from you… but either way, please use mail lene272091 at gmail instead. I’ll do the formatting and add pics if you want and send it back for you to proof read before I push publish.
        Looking forward to reading!


  4. Hi, I’m a new follower of your blog but really appreciating your posts. Not sure if this is your thing but my blog was nominated for a “quote challenge” – 3 quotes for 3 days while nominating others. It seems like a nice way to share some inspiration and some of your favourite blogs. Do you mind if I nominate your blog?

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    1. Welcome to Song of Virginity! I appreciate the nomination and for Song of Virginity it will surely be a challenge to find 9 quotes all together… but I’d love to give it a try. Thank you so much for thinking of me here.

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  5. I’m so glad to have found this blog! I’ve made a concerted effort to be innocent and pure, but I’ve found innocence is extremely difficult to hold onto as one gets older. I’m in my late-20’s now and still a virgin (never had any intimacy with a man), but I don’t feel like I’m really innocent anymore.

    I’m also very interested in your blog as a Christian woman living in Japan! I’ve been in love with Japan for many years now and have studied Japanese for 9 years, but have never had an opportunity to go there. I look forward to reading your blogs and finding other people who also support a chaste lifestyle!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words here. You are a heroine – it isn’t easy at all to remain true to His words in a world so fallen. I’d be very interested though, in learning more about you and how you don’t feel really innocent anymore. Perhaps you’d consider a guest post? Read in the “rules” in the menu and drop me a line if you’re interested.
      Many Blessings. Lene


  6. PneumaWord

    Hey 🙂
    When i first saw a like from you, i thought the name ‘LeneInJapan’ sounds familiar, but was the blog not about dancing with Jesus or something? lol. Then i came online, had a read around and it all made sense 🙂
    Thank you so much for stopping by and liking several articles on, especially lately. Your support means a lot. Grateful for your obedience; i’m certain many youth would benefit from this. I have, from the little i read. Thank you so much.
    Have a most blessed day. Regards, Lydia x

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  7. Such great truths here. Powerful! I wish I had stumbled on readings like this as a young girl. I wish someone had grabbed me by the hand and explained how the world lies to us and what true love looked like. I really love your ending here… “Once your innocence and virginity is gone, it’s gone. God does not restore the physical virginity or the response of your body from known to unknown. But He restores your heart! ” this is so true. He does restore the heart, but the scars remain. As an adult, I saw a sermon for youth that used two playDoh people to illustrate this point. If the two play doh people come together “as one” , and then you try to pull them apart (using different colored playdoh is key), you will see that pieces of each other remain On the other person. They may now be apart, God will restore hearts when asked, but those scars, those pieces of playdoh, remain…. great post, Lene!!!! 😍😍😍

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      1. It’s in the back of my mind, Lene… there’s so many stories on my back burner and so little free time to get them out. I promise I will keep praying and thinking on this one… in time! I would also like to regularly showcase others work as well, and would love to include your blog. 🙂 I also have a couple of awards from other bloggers I haven’t gotten around to responding to yet. Gah! I need more hours in the day!!!! 😜😜😜


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  9. A like on one of my posts brought me here. I’m new at blogging, and I’m interested in reading more of your posts in the near future when I can. I can relate to the thoughts shared in this post, I regret decisions that were made not with God, but somehow God has slowly brought me out of all that to where I can discern His will for my life. God bless.

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  10. Reblogged this on Song of Virginity and commented:

    Once upon a year or 2 ago I began this blog “Song of Virginity”.
    Since my own story of my journey with “guys, flesh and stuff” has come to an end, I decided to reblog the posts… There are still many young people out there whom my words can hopefully reach…


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